About me

Foto Katia Lopez de PauwI was born in Belgium and ,as my parents had a different nationality, I was educated in three languages at home I spoke Spanish, Dutch and French, with my grandparents I spoke Dutch.

As I attended school in Antwerp the basic language was Dutch and we also had to learn  English and later German. At 18, I moved to Spain and started my studies at the University of Law of Cordoba, until and included the 3rd year. After this  I went back to Belgium in order to follow a training and eventually I majored in a Gemmology Master. Back in Spain I created my own company and  specialized in diamond sales. Later I joined the family business,  ajewelery manufactury, and worked there as general and export manager.

Debido a mi trayectoria profesional, he viajado con mucha frecuencia. Siempre me ha apasionado el mundo de los idiomas y el poder mágico que supone poder hablar varios idiomas de una forma tan natural.

Due to  my career, I have travelled a lot. I have always had  a passion for  languages and was always happy to  be able to speak several languages so naturally.

 As I like to take on new challenges I am currently studying Chinese and recently  subscribed to  courses on Foreign Trade, Management and Marketing.

Considering  the growing importance of foreign trade in our economy , my goal is to share my knowledge and experience with   those companies that are starting to export.

Concerning my personal qualities ,I would stress my great sense of responsibility and thoroughness in my work, and I think of myself myself a practical , proactive and dynamic person.

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